• when you’re leaving for the beach tomorrow, and the only veggie you have left in your fridge is peppers, chili for dinner (in 70 degree weather 😆) it is!! 🌶🥑🍅🤷🏼‍♀️ this also just happened to be baby O’s first chili experience and BOY IS A FAN 👏🏼
recipe is the Lentil Veggie Chili on my blog, link in bio and search “chili” 👉🏼
  • traveling to Europe with a baby 👶🏼✈️🌍 intimidating? appealing? sounds like the craziest idea in the world? honestly, when we first came up with the plan to bring baby O to London with us, i was pretty intimidated. how would he deal with the time change? what about his nap schedule? how on earth were we going to fit ALL👏🏼HIS👏🏼STUFF👏🏼 in our suitcase??? there were just so many variables and so many things that could go wrong. BUT! also so many memories that could be made, challenges accepted, and life lessons learned through us bringing him along for the ride. and i am SO GLAD that won out, because I truly feel this experience was one we’ll treasure for a long, long time 🥰 today i’m sharing ALL THE THINGS about traveling with a baby to Europe. things that worked, hacks we learned, and some unfortunate challenges that just happen when traveling 🤷🏼‍♀️ link in my bio for the full read 👉🏼
  • current meal obsession: BREAKFAST TACOS 🌮 🍳🥑 I swear we’ve been eating these almost daily for 2 weeks now and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon 🙈 your turn!! what’s been your meal obsession lately?? 👉🏼 oats? pizza? COOKIES???
  • when #nationalchocolatechipcookieday and hump day coincide, it’s like the stars aligned (and cookies must be baked!) 🍪✨tried out @theflouredtable ‘s Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies today and they are heavenly 🙌🏻 extra flakey sea salt not optional 🧂😉
  • accurate picture of my ideal monday 🍩🌈🙌🏻 reality: snuggling my poor sick baby all day 😷 no place i’d rather be buuuutttt send all the ☕️+🍩
  • 🖐🏼things i’ve learned in my first (almost) year of motherhood ✨1 the best part of the day will always be when i get you out of your crib every morning. NOTHING will match that just-woke, squinty-eyed, full-face smile✨2 the only thing constant is change. the moment you’re starting to get your groove, he’ll drop a nap, teething will begin, or he’ll decide he wants to stand in his crib for 45 minutes instead of sleep 🤯✨3 you will think this is your favorite phase, then a new phase will come and you’ll love it EVEN more than the last✨4 there will always be crumbs. ALWAYS. and there will never be enough coffee. NEVER. ✨5 you will be pinching yourself every 👏🏼single 👏🏼day 👏🏼that this child is yours 🥰
wishing all you mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and one-day mamas the happiest Mother’s Day 💐i recognize that this day isn’t the easiest for everyone, so wherever you are in your motherhood journey, sending all the love (and donuts) your way today ☺️💕
  • hi 👋🏽it’s been a little while! we got back from our vacation last week and i felt the sudden urge to take a bit of a social media break. SO I DID 😉 we’ve been getting back into the swing of reality (and getting a baby back on east coast time 😴), working through some life changes, and celebrating my hubbies 30th bday 🥳 soooo needless to say, things have been bit busy! in other news, while we were abroad, i got a bunch of questions and comments about traveling with Oliver 👶🏼✈️. i’m hoping to put together a post this weekend about how we navigated traveling / London with a baby, so if you have anything you want to hear about specifically, leave a comment👇🏼ohhh and tell me your best travel tip for making long flights easier for you and/or little ones!!
  • i don’t know who liked these waffles better, me or oliver 👶🏼😆 chocolate chip oat waffles with housemade nutella (!!!) and coconut yogurt, from our favorite neighborhood spot @farmacyuk ☕️☀️
  • when you only make it to @deliciouslyella once every few years, you get three desserts 😆 peanut butter oat cookie, vegan brownie, and a chocolate pb fudge bar - notice a theme?? 😂🍫🥜
  • my favorite way to travel: walk + eat my way through a city 😆 priorities, right?? but honestly, is there any better way to get to know a place than to spend hours walking it’s streets and tasting it’s food?
from lunch today at Gloria Trattoria in Shoreditch 🌸🥂best👏🏼margarita👏🏼pizza👏🏼ever👏🏼