• so SO ready to get out of this freeeezing cold weather ❄️❄️❄️ but GOOD NEWS! we’re heading to Florida tomorrow for our first little vacay as a family of 3 and boy are we excited! ☀️🌴🤗 in the meantime you’ll find me frantically packing (OMG packing for a baby is unreal 🤯 SO MUCH STUFF!!) and polishing off the rest of this Shakshuka Hummus Bowl 🍅🙌🏻
pssst this recipe is coming soon and it’s so seriously good!!
  • tell me, is there really anything better than a big bowl of creamy pasta for dinner??? 🍝🌱 cozying up with this bowl of deliciousness as snow round 2 makes its way in ❄️❄️❄️
  • when your friend @luciamadewright makes avocado egg toast with everything seasoning, YOU make avocado egg toast with everything seasoning 🥑🍞🍳😉 .
also, 6 minute eggs are currently my life blood right now 🙌🏻 how about you - runny yolk, yay or nay??? 🥚
  • somehow, in the midst of the past few years, i’ve gone from a life-long Caesar salad hater to Caesar obsessedddd 🌱🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s funny how your tastes can change so drastically in your twenties! the same thing totally happened with cheese (I was literally that child who picked all the cheese off her pizza 🍕🤦🏽‍♀️) i know, i know, I’m basically not human 🙈
BUT ANYWAYS. what i’m here to tell you is there’s a new recipe on the blog for my latest Caesar salad obsession: Loaded Arugula Caesar with Focaccia Croutons 🙌🏻 I mean, I can basically never go back to regular croutons now 😆 link in bio to head to the recipe 👆🏼
  • snow day round 2 ❄️ that means a big bowl of @howsweeteats Coconut Carrot Soup with all the toppings 🥕🌱😍 this soup (from #theprettydishcookbook ) is honestly one of the most frequently made soups in our house because it’s just so darn easy and only requires like 5 key ingredients 🙌🏻 ohhh and it’s freaking delicious too!!
  • staying cozy as the snow just keeps on comin’ ❄️❄️❄️ who else got a mountain of snow today??? ☃️ #firstsnow
  • it’s our first snow of the season!! ❄️❄️❄️ excuse me while i curl up in this Whole Wheat Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake for the rest of the day 😍 #snowdaybaking
  • today’s *second* breakfast (which, let’s be real, happens more often than not in my house and i am TRULY a fan 💁🏽‍♀️): i give you, “the leftover” breakfast sammie 🍳🥖🍃 yesterday’s focaccia with pesto, avo, roasted asparagus, and a fried egg (all leftovers in my fridge, well except for the 🍳 of course) happy Friday indeed 🤤
  • finally got around to shooting one of my recent salad obsessions for the blog today and I COULDN’T WAIT to share a sneak peek with you 😆 keep your eyes peeled for this Loaded Arugula Caesar with Focaccia Croutons on a blog near you soon!!! 🍃
  • it’s chili day!! 🌶🥫🍃 whipping up my favorite veggie lentil chili and topping it with @minimalistbaker ‘s cornbread (pot pie style) from her cookbook 🙌🏻 every year around this time, i challenge myself to dig into my cookbook collection again and actually USE THEM!! like instead of simply using them as decorations on my shelf (which happens much more than i care to admit 🤦🏽‍♀️). but every year i’m so glad when i do, because i stumble across so many gems that i’d completely forgotten about over the year 👌🏼 what about you - are you a cookbook user or cookbook collector (like I am 10 months out of the year 🙈)???