24 Hours in Portland

24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Remember that time we went to Portland this summer?! Yes, it was over two months ago now, BUT I’m finally ready with our Portland travel post!

Ok— let’s rewind a bit— if you’re new around here or don’t follow me on Instagram, I guess I should explain our summer of travel. Basically, my husband graduated from law school and we had a couple months off between jobs, so we seriously TRAVELED this summer.

We started in Europe with our belated-honeymoon, working (and eating) our way through London, Paris, and the French Riviera. Then we moved (yet another part of our crazy busy summer) and a few weeks later, we got back on a plane, this time to Portland, en route to Maui, with a quick pitstop in San Diego on the way home. Words can’t describe how AMAZING this summer was. Definitely a once in a lifetime summer, that’s for sure!

So, as usual, life’s been crazy. And I’m just now going through the rest of our travel photos. So be on the lookout for our Maui and San Diego details coming ohhh… hopefully… sometime soon. Maybe before Christmas?! Lol, if we’re lucky!

Anyways, PORTLAND! I just love this city. And it was every bit as quirky and charming as I had dreamed! Honestly, we wanted to stay for 6 more days. Alas, we were only here for a quick one-night 24-hour-layover. So here’s what we did!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Where we stayed.

Our hotel in Portland was so darn…. Portland! And in the BEST way.

We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland and our experience couldn’t have been better. The rooms were quiet and spacious, the location was right in the heart of the city (like a 5 minute walk from Powell’s City of Books), and it was so darn CUTE!

I absolutely recommend staying here if you’re ever in Portland. We will definitely stay here again the next time we visit!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter

24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


What we did.


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Powell’s City of Books

If you’ve ever been to Portland, or talked to someone who’s visited, I’m SURE you’ve heard about Powell’s. If not, you’re probably thinking right about now, “Liz… a book store??”

But this is no ordinary book store, my friends.

Powell’s City of Books is the world’s largest independent book store and let me tell you, it is MASSIVE. I’m talking room after room, floor after floor of every book you could ever imagine. It’s organized in a fantastic way with staff pics on every end cap and local favorites showcased throughout. Ohh and their cookbook aisle is pure heaven! I could have spent the entire day just perusing through cookbooks!

As a long time book store lover, this place was out of a dream. You should totally go!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter

24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Pok Pok.

For our first lunch as soon as we arrived in Portland, we headed straight to Pok Pok. This hot spot was recommended by my blogger friend Becca who had just recently been there and RAVED about it!

Ohh and it definitely lived up to the hype.

Pok Pok specializes in traditional Thai street food and the menu is mostly large plates that you share with the table. We got a delicious spicy papaya salad and a fried egg romaine salad— both were SO flavorful!

Basically if you’re looking for authentic Thai food, this is your place!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter .   24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Salt and Straw.

Salt and Straw. Where do I even begin?!

I’m just going to come out and say it. This was the best ice cream we have EVER had. Like ever. And we’ve eaten a LOT of ice cream in our day.

Salt and Straw is truly special because of their incredibly unique flavors. My cone below features a Zucchini Bread Ice Cream with Chocolate Speckles (yup, no joke) and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Ice Cream with big chunks of homemade snickerdoodle cookies in there!

Words cannot even describe how unreal this ice cream was. You just have to try it for yourself!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Base Camp Brewing.

We had time to squeeze in one brewery during our 24 hours in Portland and boy, was it hard to choose. We ended up at Base Camp Brewing after reading lots of amazing reviews, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

I tried their S’Mores Stout and GET THIS: it came with a toasted marshmallow right on the glass! I was officially in love!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter .   24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


Bamboo Sushi.

For dinner, we made reservations at Bamboo Sushi after hearing rave reviews from other bloggers and yelp. The place was PACKED, so we were really glad we did!

We tried their tempura avocado (because fried avocado is LIFE), their spicy cauliflower, and then finished the night off with the most EPIC vegetable roll I think I’ve ever had. All I have to say is that it had tempura fried green beans INSIDE the roll! Seriously magical!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter

24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter .   24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


So that’s it from our whirlwind 24 hours in Portland! What about you?! Ever been to Portland? Any favorites you MUST share for our next trip… because there WILL be a next trip 😉

I’m slowly making my way through the pictures from the rest of this trip, so be on the lookout for Maui and San Diego travel posts coming over the next…. hopefully… uhhh, two months?! Lol I’m the worst. Have a wonderful day everyone!


24 Hours in Portland | pumpkin & peanut butter


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  1. Portland is on my must visit list! So jealous you tried Salt + Straw, Michelle and I are trying to go to the location in Venice tomorrow.

    • You MUST! It is seriously the best ice cream we have ever had!

  2. You covered a lot of ground in 24 hours – I love it! So glad you liked Pok Pok..and Salt and Straw….no words! Isn’t it INCREDIBLE?!? You’re making me want to go back to Portland ASAP!

    • Lol yeah we had lots of goal in mind 😉 I know!! I already want to go back too!

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