3 Days in the French Riviera


Anddddd the travel posts are back! This is (sadly) my final post documenting our honeymoon to Europe way back at the end of July, featuring our last few days in the French Riviera.

If you’re interested in reading more from our honeymoon, check out my London posts here and here, as well as my Paris sights and eats posts, or head to the Travel tab!

Anyways…. the point of today is, France…. you have my heart! Between Paris, Cannes, and Nice, we had the most wonderful time eating amazing French food, drinking delicious French wine, and just basking in the gorgeous settings we were lucky enough to spend a few days in.

I’m not going to bore you with too much writing this post – the pictures kind of speak for themselves in the Riviera. But what it comes down to is, the French Riviera is stunning. The colors, the buildings, the water, the hotels. We were just in awe of how beautiful everything was. Hope you guys enjoy!











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    • I actually didn’t bring my Canon Rebel on this trip— I shot all these photos on my iPhone 7 plus!

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