May Happenings


Can you believe it is the last week of May already?? This is one of those weird months that flew by, but also felt strangely long at the same time. If that makes ANY sense at all.

Let me explain.

The first few weeks of May were a total whirlwind, thanks to a much needed long weekend away in the Outer Banks and my husband’s much anticipated graduation from law school! Nate’s family flew down for the week to celebrate the big day and we started their trip off with a drive out to the beach for a relaxing few days away.



Have you ever been to the Outer Banks before? Believe it or not, we’ve lived in North Carolina for almost three years now, but this was our very FIRST time there. And of course I’m kicking myself for not going sooner because these beaches are absolutely stunning!

Anyways, we stayed in the far northern tip of the Outer Banks, right between Corolla and Duck, and spent our days walking on the beach, eating delicious food, catching up on much needed sleep, and gawking at the wild horses that roam this area of the island.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was this surprisingly fun off-roading wild horse tour we did— that I absolutely recommend— where we drove right ON the beach and into the “road-less” section of the island (picture climbing up sand dunes in a giant truck). I was absolutely floored that these wild horses were literally, just, hanging out by people’s beach houses. Such an unforgettable experience.



After our few days at the beach were through, we came home to celebrate this guy’s big graduation day. As I’ve told you guys before, Nate’s three years at Duke have been a wild ride, to say the least. Through it’s ups and downs (and believe me, there we plenty of both), we came to fall in love with our new home in Durham and had some of the most memorable times of our lives here together (heck, we even got married here!) Celebrating this big day was such a happy moment, but so bittersweet at the same time, as I know this chapter of our lives is coming to a close.

I am so immensely proud of my husband for working his butt of these past few years and for accomplishing all he has at his time at Duke. Seriously, this guy is a power house and I feel so lucky to be his partner through it all.



So, onto the slow part of May. Aka getting through the last few weeks of school before summer vacation. If you’re a teacher out there, or have any teacher friends, I’m sure you totally understand how tough these last few weeks of school are. Testing is finished, the weather is getting warmer, and everyone is just ready for a break. Including me.

I kind of run into this problem every time a chapter in my life is coming to a close. The same thing happened when we left DC a few years ago to move down here. The last few weeks/ months of that time period always seem to draggggg so slowly. My mind is mentally preparing for the big changes ahead and starting to anticipate all the plans, but my body is stuck tying up loose ends.

I have so much trouble living in the moment sometimes, especially when the going is a little tough. It’s times like these that I need to take my own advice and slowww down. Enjoy the little things. Take in the happy moments in each day. Focus on the positive.

I’ll let you know how that goes in a week and a half when I’m officially done 😉

But first, we have an exciting BIRTHDAY to celebrate!



Augie turned one just a few days ago! Yes, this little 8-pound-ball-of-energy is a mature(ish) little one year old and we are so darn excited about it!

As you’ve probably guessed from these pictures, or if you’ve been a reader for the past few months, I’m seriously love being a puppy mama and could not imagine our life without Augie in it. This little dude came into our home last August (get it— August “Augie” Ingraham 😉 ) and we have absolutely fallen head over heels for him ever since.

So what about you guys?? Any other crazy dog mamas out there like me? Anything exciting happen to you in May? I can’t wait to hear!!



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  1. Wow – super busy May! The wild horse tour sounds amazing! Congrats on all the exciting things that’ve happened lately! Good luck with the last few weeks of school 🙂

    • It was seriously amazing! You too girl 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean with it being slow and fast at the same time! Looks like you guys had so much good stuff happening this month! So much to celebrate!

  3. Those pictures of Augie are adorable! And you’re making me want to plan a trip to the Outer Banks now. How amazing were those wild horses?! Gah, so cool. So glad you had a great month with so much to celebrate! 🙂

    • He is just SO much fun to photograph! And you guys should definitely go– it’s absolutely gorgeous there!

  4. You have such an exciting chapter ahead! The Outer Banks look unbelievable – so gorgeous! And happy birthday to sweet Augie, he is the cutest!

    • It’s so exciting!! I’m so looking forward to this summer! As do you guys though 🙂

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