Life with Augie // 5 Months


Can you believe we’ve had this little pumpkin in our lives for 3 months now!?!

It feels like just yesterday when we picked Augie up back in July and he was nothing but a shy, little 3-pound ball of fur (welp, I mean hair— he’s a poodle mix). I remember him cuddling in my arms for our 2 hour journey home and feeling so full of love for this little nugget.

Well, my love for him has certainly grown, and so has this boy! From this little pup….


Life with Augie //


To this whopping 5.5 pound toddler! LOL!

And believe me— he is not so shy anymore! Augie has SO much personality and he is not afraid to show it! He loves to meet new people and dogs, play fetch and chase (aka he makes us chase him around the apartment when it’s time to go into his crate… little stinker!), hang out with his best friend Addie, and cuddle with mommy and daddy.

Ohh and chew— we’ve had to hide ALL of our shoes because this little mischievous boy likes to steal them and then make us, again, chase him in circles around the apartment to get them back 😉


Life with Augie //


It’s amazing how quickly Augie just fit into our lifestyle. Since Durham is such a dog-friendly city, we’re able to bring him out to dinner with us, when we meet friends for drinks, to the farmer’s market, on weekend hikes— it’s just become so natural to bring him along wherever we go. And he LOVES it!

He’s also become a great companion in our apartment. Augie hangs out with me in the kitchen whenever I cook, munching on carrots and frozen pumpkin while I putz around cooking and baking. He is also a big fan of food photography time— he always has to be right in the action watching every minute of it!

And, of course, he loves to play vacuum cleaner and pick up any crumbs for me, such a little helper 😉


Life with Augie //


Before getting Augie, we’d talked about getting a puppy on-and-off for a few years, but the timing was just never right. Once we decided to dive right in this summer, I never realized how quickly I’d come to love and adore this little guy. He is seriously SO sweet and brightens up my day every morning when I wake up to him.

Don’t get me wrong, puppies are a LOT of work, but it has been worth every minute of training, teething, and mischievousness! I can’t imagine my life without him anymore and am so grateful that we lucked out with such an energetic and loving pup.

Happy 5 Months Augie! We love being your parents!


Life with Augie //



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  1. oh my god i LOVE this post. so much. it makes me miss you guys like crazy!!!

    • awww we miss you too!! can’t wait till you can meet this little guy in dc!

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