Friday Favorites

{these babies are coming soon <— insert smiley emoji with heart eyes}

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a different-kind-of week for me since I had Veteran’s Day off, aka a randomly wonderful Wednesday with no school 🙂 It was so nice getting that little break mid-week— and I feel like I got SO much accomplished, too. Can we have Wednesday off every week from now on? Ahhh in a perfect world.

Can you believe we only have a week and a half until Thanksgiving?? Do you know what you’re making yet? Please share! I’m getting some serious ideas from these Friday Favorites editions I’ve been posting lately because the blogging world has been on fire lately. Hope these favorites from the week give you some weekend (and holiday) inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

i’ll start my day off with this sweet potato kale breakfast hash any morning

omg how awesome is this big holiday hummus board with roasted root veggie chips. i need this immediately

these easy oven roasted potatoes with sriracha pumpkin aioli. wow.

loving the idea of this rosemary faro with roasted grapes, shallots, and almonds

what a beautiful thanksgiving salad with wild rice and lemon dressing

this butternut squash and parsnip tart is stunning

these whole wheat apple oatmeal cookies with peanut butter glaze are, like, everything i love in a cookie

i’m so intrigued by these amarula cream golden madeleines (gluten free)

call me a child, but i still get super excited over gluten free vegan funfetti cupcakes

i’m kind of obsessing over this chocolate sweet potato layer cake with molasses buttercream


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