DC Restaurant Review: Beefsteak


I’ve found a new love (sorry Nate) and it’s literally 3 blocks from my apartment in Foggy Bottom so it will be tempting me every. single. day. for my summer in DC: Beefsteak.

You’re probably very confused right now if you’ve never been to DC before. Or eaten at one of Jose Andres’ restaurants for that matter. But let me put it this way, I found a magical restaurant where vegetables are the star of the show and vegetarians are catered to in the freshest, most delicious way possible: veggie bowls!


Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter

Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter


If you’ve read my Vegetarian Travel: Washington D.C. post, you’ve already heard about my obsession with Jose Andres’ restaurants. He is seriously a magician in the kitchen and never ceases to impress my appetite with his creative, tasty, and veggie-friendly dishes. If you’ve never been to Oyamel or Zaytinya before (or if you’re traveling to the DC area anytime soon), I suggest you make reservations. Now. You’re in for a treat!

Well Jose, my friend, you’ve done it again! But instead of a classy sit-down restaurant, you’ve ventured into the popular “fast casual” style joint and channeled my brain-waves to create, literally, my dream restaurant. Simple, healthy, delicious, and easy on the pocket book. What’s not to love? Here, I’ll walk you through…


Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter


So basically you can choose from one of their featured bowls OR create your own (which I totally suggest you do). You start by choosing your veggies, and there are A LOT of them to choose from. And there’s no limit on how many to choose! Gahhh literally stuff from my dreams. Did I mention they also provide information from the farm they’re from?! Yeah.

From there, they quickly cook your veggies while you pick out your grain of choice. Quinoa, duh.


Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter


To top off your grains, you choose from one of their delicious sauces. I went with the cilantro (go figure), while Nate went with the spicy tomato (again, go figure). At this point, your veggies are cooked and layered on top, which means it’s time for the fresh and crunchy toppings. Cherry tomatoes, sprouts, chickpeas, green onion, pipettes, slivered almonds, sesame seeds— you name it, they have it.

Last, you can choose a dressing to drizzle over the whole bowl. I decided to order mine on the side because I wasn’t sure if my bowl really needed this…. but I definitely poured a little on and it was ridiculously delicious (cough, cough soy ginger amazingness).


Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter

Restaurant Review: Beefsteak // pumpkin & peanut butter


The finished products! With a drizzle of sriracha for Nate, of course. Oh my goodness, I was in veggie heaven! It was crunchy, creamy, savory, salty, fresh, and comforting all in one bite. If I had one thing to do over, it would be to ask for just “light” sauce because they added a lot of the cilantro goodness on there (which was a little oily for my typical preference). Besides that, utter perfection!

So there you have it— my new favorite place in all of DC! For now, at least. Until they open another magical veggie restaurant, most likely in the next month at the rate this city is going. Thanks to all these wonderful new joints, DC is quickly becoming one of my new favorite foodie cities. So much has happened for this city over the past few years (especially in the vegetarian department). Keep it up Washington!

But anyways. Go here. Immediately.


Restaurant Review: Beefsteak


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    • Right!? When they told me I could choose as many veggies as I wanted, I almost died. Thanks!!

  1. Sounds like an awesome place! I’ve never eaten at a Jose restaurant before but when we were in Vegas a few weeks ago, we walked by his Tapas restaurant and it smelled SO, so good! Of course there was only 1 or 2 vegetarian options on the whole menu- can’t imagine how good this was! I am so happy to see more and more veg places. Next time I’m in DC I’m definitely hitting this up!

    • I’ve heard about his Vegas place but I’ve never been there to try it. If you’re ever in DC, he has a few restaurants here (especially this one) that have lots of veg options! Soooo delicious!

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