4 Days in San Francisco || Part 2


This is a continuation of my Four Days in San Francisco || Part 1 trip that I took over spring break! I spent almost a week exploring this beautiful city and left super jealous of my sister’s chance to live here for a few months. I’ve included lots of photos of places we visited and, of course, some amazing eats!

Stay tuned for our day in Sonoma Valley coming soon…


On my third day in San Francisco, I spent the morning exploring the Mission and Castro neighborhoods of the city. These areas are full of culture and character, and it was so cool walking around in the late morning as everyone was going about their day. Definitely some pretty solid people watching! Before lunch, I hiked up to Dolores Park and got one of the best views of the city (excuse the construction):


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

{Herbivore & Golden Gate Park}

For lunch, I stopped at Herbivore to order some take out for a picnic in the park. I’ve actually been to Herbivore before during my last trip to San Fran and loved it so much I had to come back! This time, I ordered their Falafel Wrap with baked falafel, avocado, roasted potatoes, hot sauce, and tahini sauce all wrapped in whole wheat lavash. It came with this beautiful side salad with fresh beets and lemon vinaigrette.

I picniced in Golden Gate Park— which, by the way, totally gives Central Park a run for it’s money. This park is full of beautiful greenery, museums and botanical gardens, and lots of areas for the kiddos to play.


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco


I spent the rest of my day strolling through the park and working my way back down the city towards the waterfront. At this point in my trip, I had walked over 90,000 steps in less than 4 days (thanks FitBit!), so I was ready for a little R&R back at my sister’s place. My sister lives in the Mountain View area (south of the city), so I took the CalTrain back after my day of exploring.

We finished the night off with some homemade sweet potato black bean tacos and the dessert of all desserts at CREAM in Palo Alto (another cute little town, if you happen to explore outside the city).

{CREAM, Inc}

CREAM is a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich shop (I know, what?!?) that has both dairy AND vegan options on the menu. You basically just pick out your choice of cookies, ice cream, and toppings and they make it right in front of you. Did I mention they even warm the cookies up in the oven?! Gahhhh, heaven!


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco


On my last day in San Francisco, my younger brother and sister flew in to start their spring break, so all my siblings were reunited for a whole 8 hours! This is a rare occasion because we all live in very different parts of the country now, so we’re lucky if it happens more than twice a year.

We definitely made the most of that time together— hiking Muir Woods, soaking up some sun at Muir Beach, and eating some pretty incredible food along the way.

{Muir Beach}

Muir Beach is this picturesque little beach set at the back of Muir Woods, and is surrounded by these gorgeous cliffs (which you can hike up as well). We happened to visit on a exceptionally beautiful day, so there were lots of beach-goers and hikers enjoying the sunshine.

We wanted to fit in a hike in Muir Woods as well, so we only spent an hour or so on the beach, enjoying the views, hiking up the cliffs, and dipping our toes in the still-frigid Pacific water.


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

{Muir Woods National Park}

If you’re traveling to the San Francisco area, Muir Woods is a MUST, especially if you enjoy a good hike. If you’re like me, then you probably didn’t even know this place existed, let alone just 20 minutes outside the city! There are plenty of trails you can hike in this National Park, all of different lengths and with various scenic options.

We did just a short one-hour hike because I had a plane to catch that evening, but it was unreal walking amongst all those incredibly tall redwood trees. I’m so glad I got the chance to visit Muir, even if only for a few hours, and it is definitely on my list for my next visit to the Bay area.


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco


{we have wayyyy too much fun when we’re all together 🙂 }

Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

{Eureka! Berkeley}

On our way to drop me at the Oakland airport, we decided to grab dinner in Berkeley so we could get a chance to drive through the campus. We found this incredible bar/restaurant right in the downtown area that had lots of options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters— which is the perfect kind of place for my family.

I ordered the Veggie Beet Burger topped with house-made pickles, arugula, and lemon vinaigrette. As soon as I saw they had sweet potato fries with cinnamon honey drizzle, I knew THAT had to happen too. Both were so delicious and were the perfect filling meal after a day of hiking!


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco


My younger sister is also a vegetarian, and she ordered the same veggie beet burger, but instead had hers wrapped in a tortilla with guacamole, pickled jalapeño, and spicy chipotle sauce. I had a bite of hers and wanted to order a second burger immediately!

If you get the chance to visit Berkeley, definitely at Eureka! to your list.


Vegetarian Travel: San Francisco

So that was the end of my San Francisco adventures 🙁 As you can tell, I adore California and jump at any chance I get to visit the area. I can’t wait to head back to the west coast, hopefully in the near future, and maybe even explore some different states or cities!

P.S. If you’re looking for a few more vegetarian/ vegan restaurants in San Francisco, here are some more that I visited last year on my trip:

Gracias Madre— authentic vegan Mexican food. Need I say more?

Millenium— upscale vegan restaurant in Union Square, though I heard rumors it is moving to a new location…

Bio— organic cafe near Union Square that serves a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options

Loving Hut— who knew the words vegan and fast food would ever be in the same sentence, but somehow Loving Hut did it! They have multiple locations, but we ate at the one in the Westfield Mall (near Union Square)

Stay tuned for my A Day in Sonoma post coming soon…




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