Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! It’s really feeling like fall here. Even though the days warm up to about 70 degrees, it’s rough walking to my car in the morning in the frigid 45 degree weather (can you tell I hate the cold?). Makes me want to just curl up in my PJs all day! Well, I guess that’s what Saturdays are for. Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a relaxing weekend!

Here are a few posts that I’ve been loving this week. I know I’ll be trying a few this weekend 🙂


I have been craving these mini cinnamon rolls ever since I saw them

I just stumbled upon these pumpkin & chocolate chip pancakes last night… mmmm!

this vegan mushroom marinara is a must try soon

these vegan pumpkin pie smoothies look almost too beautiful to drink

these roasted delicata squash bowls look right up my alley

as does this roasted brussels sprout and red cabbage pizza

these bold & spicy kale chips look so different. really good different

chickpeas and dumplings look like the perfect comfort food


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